Getting better deals online

Everybody wants to get a better deal when they go shopping and learning new tips and tricks are always something that I’m looking to share with all of you so here are some of the things that I can say blew my mind when I found out about them.

#1 Free Shipping isn’t always as good as it seems

I’ve always been of the thinking that free shipping was something completely necessary for a good deal to take place. Hence whenever I used to do some online shopping I’d tick the little box that filters my selection by those that offer free shipping. Now I know that the word free can be quite an enticing fixture when you’re looking to save money but sometimes that’s all it is, a way to get customers to include you in their selection. There are times where I find that online shipping plus the price of the product I’m looking for will be cheaper from certain sellers as opposed to somewhere else which offers free shipping. The main thing I want you to do is just look very carefully at the total price and don’t be afraid to compare prices.

#2 The shopping cart trick

A little trick that I just found out about some time ago was the trick of putting items I wanted to buy in my online shopping cart but then I don’t buy it. I leave it there for a while and then the savings might come soon. This doesn’t work with every shopping site but for most this trick actually comes in handy. Of course you’ll need to be logged in for this to work, just being clear. The idea is that now that the site sees that you’re looking at the products and so they’re going to try and get you to push through on the purchase. The way they do that is by sending you coupon or a gift voucher.