Half Price Makeup Spray – Hard Not To Take That Up!

When I’m not trying to find great deals to use in order to spoil my other half, I’m usually on the hunt for deals to spoil myself believe it or not!

One such deal fell right in my lap a few weeks a go. It all started when I met a friend of mine in town for a coffee a few weeks ago. She said she’d discovered this new makeup and skincare brand that she couldn’t get enough of.

After trying one of their items and enjoying it, she swiftly tried another and another and another product. Before she knew it she had the entire range!

Makeup Spraying your face

She showed me their website and pointed out where I could purchase it online. Knowing that I was travelling to the States a few days later (we were staying with family for 10 days) I asked her whether she knew if they also sold their products in the USA too.

Luckily they have their full product range on Amazon across the globe. That was lucky! I decided to wait until I had landed before I purchased, and get an item or two delivered to my mother in laws address in Texas. I reasoned that there would be no point purchasing one in the UK as no one would be in the house once it had arrived.

Now onto the great deal….I was incredibly lucky to find that once I had landed in the states and had taken a look on Amazon, all of their items were at half price for a limited time only. What a find!

I promptly purchased their makeup setting spray and have been surprised by how good the product is. I made a note to periodically give them a check online as I get the feeling they are the sort of brand that will occasionally run discounts.

Great for people like me who love finding amazing deals!