Great Deals Online and Where to Find Them

We’re finally back! Did you miss us?

We all had a great holiday over December and early January. Now that is out the way, we’re eager to get back to the usual grind – and that includes writing more on this blog!

Today I’ll be going over different ways you can find awesome deals online – and the methods I use to scour the web to find the greatest bargains.

On second thought, I’ll just be mentioning one particular method I use, but in all fairness it is one my favourites and most effective.

It essentially involves using google to find articles about products you are interested in, written by newspaper and magazine websites.

Bargains Online

As part of these papers and e-zines drive to create fresh and engaging content, they often write articles about hot and trending products…and they also more often than no create links to said products that currently have discounts or offers available.

Because I know this, and I also know that if you look hard enough you usually always find at least one great deal in any one sitting, I quite often use this as my go-to method to finding deals.

All I do is the following: I go to google, and I type in different newspapers and magazines from around the world, along with the names of products that I am interested in buying at a discount.

So for example, I may type in, ‘the Washington post’ and ‘fidget spinner’ together to see what comes up. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get results all the time – The key is to stick at it and keep going.

You’ll be surprised by how often you stumble upon a great deal. Just before Christmas I was looking for some beard oil I could purchase to give to my brother and I found an awesome within this Independent article. What a find!

Keep looking and keep going – eventually you will find something great. Once you do please let me know so I can share!