Great Deal #2

In a similar vein to last month, in this post I want to talk about another great grooming deal that I’ve found.

This is kind of a continuation of the story I was telling you last time. Recently I started really growing out my beard – a journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed. After only a matter of weeks I began to realise that I needed the assistance of some products – products specifically designed to help you through the first few months of beard growth.

After a few hours of searching, I eventually found something called a beard starter kit. This was a mini kit that included both an oil and a wash – exactly what I needed to get going!

trimming moustache with scissors

This was a great place to start, and looking back now, I’m very thankful that I stumbled upon this little gem. Now though, after another month of growth, my beard is really starting to grow out and is beginning to take shape.

I only have a small amount of my wash and oil left (luckily I’ve found larger and more cost efficient versions of these though) and now my beard is getting to the size where it really needs some other kind of attention to help it maintain it’s overall look.

A few weeks after I first got my starter kit, I began looking into other accessories that may become useful for me in the future. Some of these included brushes and combs, but one such accessory really took my fancy – scissors.

I’m not one for electric trimmers, and really do enjoy cutting my own hair every now and again (I wanted to be a barber when I was younger).

People quite often forget that when growing out your facial hair, it’s not always about keeping your beard nice and trim, but your mustache too! Especially for me, as my ‘tache seems to grow at a faster rate than the rest of the hair on my face.

Investing in a good, solid pair of mustache scissors soon became imperative for me, and I ended up finding a great deal here.

Now my days of straggly mustache hair are over!