Back from a Break

I’m back! Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for not being more active with my tips and tricks… But it’s been quite a few months of barely scraping by, you know what I mean, and I was so exhausted the idea of writing about the lengths I had to go to just to eat… Well, it wasn’t a nice one. But I’m in a much better place now.

Of course, I still take good deals where I can get them! I guess the interesting thing about having disposable income however, is balancing price with ethics. Some of us have no choice, we just buy what we can get, and unfortunately that’s the way Capitalism is set up to watch us fail. No options means the people with power and money decide exactly how and where we spend our money, whilst others get to shop around for something that adheres to all their values. So I’m not here to bash on anyone making a choice which has some ethical consequences down the line. It’s not you who’s damaging the world. So now. Because I have a little more option, I’ve been thinking about how I can support sustainable brands, especially with consumables. Clothes, we do love our Op Shops, don’t we? There’s so much more you can hunt for in second-hand shops, like furniture and decorations, bags and craft materials, music and movies. But when it comes to food, skincare, and haircare, that’s when you might have to consider your options.

I’ve been trying to avoid Amazon, although as it continues to grow and overtake other businesses it’s getting hard to do so. I don’t have Prime, so I still have to pay for shipping, but I’ve been learning more about the different platforms. Did you know you can shop on a different country’s store? I know that seems like a dumb question, but I always just assumed it would tailor to your current location. Not the case. And sometimes, due to a product not being as popular in one country as another, or fighting with other sellers over who can have the lowest price… You can get a good deal out of it.

For example I tried this setting spray and I wanted it again. When I went on the UK site, it cost just shy of ten pounds… But in France, fixateur maquillage costs less, even when you factor the conversion from euros to pounds. And shipping! How insane is that? So next time you’re looking at something on Amazon, shop around a little. If the brand is trustworthy to care for the environment, because cheap shit is just that.. and we’re taking care of ourselves this year, then go for it!