The wind calls me

I’ve been thinking about whether or not to book my next trip, seeing as my mountain hike was cancelled last year. I’ve been preparing and gearing myself up, but now the anticipation without a specific date to look forward to is getting me down. Do you think it’s too risky? I could end up writing some pretty interesting blogs!

Dry winter skin!

I realised something recently. Your skin changes with the seasons. I know this seems obvious, and maybe you even already accounted for this in your own body care, but I didn’t. Four years living out of home and I only just realised cold weather makes my skin dry. It does answer a few outstanding questions I’ve avoided in the past.

If you’ve been with me on this blog for the long-run, I’m guessing you have also gone through a similar moving out experience and have found my discoveries and ramblings helpful in your day-to-day life. If not, I’m choosing not to care. The idea that my dumb discovery could help people, and those people get to ride the wave of pretending they already knew, then I’m feeling good about saying this online. Don’t leave any hate comments! I like my bubble as it is!

Right, back to it. I made this discovery last winter. My skin, face and body, was getting scaly, itchy, flaky. You name it. I felt gross, and hot, soothing showers just made matters worse. People started to ask if I was feeling okay! Apparently, I looked crepey, which was not a word I had ever heard used in that context. My usual fixes weren’t working for dry skin. I applied moisturiser before I went to bed, rugged up to avoid wind to skin contact, and drank more water. I guess it made some impact, but not enough for people to stop checking if I was doing alright.

I went out to dinner with a friend of mine, and she said two, golden words to me. Hyaluronic Acid. In that moment it was like she had a golden halo and time stood still, each syllable dancing through the air like part of its own melody, the band at the restaurant playing in step. Then it all came back into focus, and she was gushing about it, and at that point I didn’t even know what it was! She was using words like humectant and microbiome, which I’m impressed she thought I’d know seeing as I couldn’t even moisturise my own body. I half-thought she’d pull a bottle or jar of the stuff out of her bag and hand it to me, like we were in a commercial, or a movie. Instead, she rambled on and on until I found a good Segway out of skincare, and we went to a pharmacy after dessert to buy a serum.

Boy was she right! That stuff worked wonders, and my skin was back to its usual vibrancy just days later. No more crepe skin for me! Just glowing, plump, and soft skin. I think I might start using it regularly, just to keep it from happening again!

Adding flair to Christmas

I don’t have Christmas Crackers… But I would say that I have an aversion to them. You see, they have not always been kind to me in the past. Starting from a very young age, I almost choked on one of those paper hats they gave you when I tried to eat it (You can’t blame me for that, I was only young, and it was purple!). I won a plastic thimble a year or two later which I had to have sawn off my finger because it got stuck. Another year, and I suppose this isn’t entirely the cracker’s fault, my uncle told the joke inside his just before I let slip a fart, and the absolute silence that followed (because the joke was that terrible), meant I became the laughing stock. There’s some primal need to trade the little gifts, don’t you think? Even my parents become protective of their tiny notebook or magnifying glass once they realise it’s the best thing on offer. The little metal puzzles were the best, because once you had mastered it, you could parade your unquestionable intellect around both the kids and the adults table.

Things never really improved over the years. Instead of choking on my paper hat, I dropped it on a flame and nearly ruined the day. A little plastic bookmark, you know the ones that have a split so half sits in front of the page you’re on, the other half behind, which was shaped like a dog ripped a chunk out of my favourite book! Honestly, I just got to the point where I avoided them at all costs. No crackers for me!

This year, seeing as it has been such a mess, I thought it was time to give them another chance. Forgiveness, the Christmas spirit, all of that hoo-ha. But they would compromise for me. Instead of a supermarket-bought 24 pack Christmas Cracker, I opted for beauty crackers. Something with substance, a gift I would actually use. And no lame jokes. Or a hat. Perfect.

My favourites are lip products, because you can never have too many lip oils. One for this handbag, one for my work desk drawer, one for my coat, another for the bedside table. That way, you’re never caught out without ample lip moisturisation. It really is the worst feeling to have cracked lips, and nothing to fix it! Don’t get me started on buying a new one on every outdoor trip, because something hasn’t quite clicked in your brain to leave it in your bag when you get home. No! I have a jar of them! But I am always happy to have more, is what I’m saying. So this year, on that fateful day, I shall be supplying my own cracker which I shall carefully open, and reap the rewards of my planning. I suggest you join me in starting a new tradition!  

Back from a Break

I’m back! Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for not being more active with my tips and tricks… But it’s been quite a few months of barely scraping by, you know what I mean, and I was so exhausted the idea of writing about the lengths I had to go to just to eat… Well, it wasn’t a nice one. But I’m in a much better place now.

Of course, I still take good deals where I can get them! I guess the interesting thing about having disposable income however, is balancing price with ethics. Some of us have no choice, we just buy what we can get, and unfortunately that’s the way Capitalism is set up to watch us fail. No options means the people with power and money decide exactly how and where we spend our money, whilst others get to shop around for something that adheres to all their values. So I’m not here to bash on anyone making a choice which has some ethical consequences down the line. It’s not you who’s damaging the world. So now. Because I have a little more option, I’ve been thinking about how I can support sustainable brands, especially with consumables. Clothes, we do love our Op Shops, don’t we? There’s so much more you can hunt for in second-hand shops, like furniture and decorations, bags and craft materials, music and movies. But when it comes to food, skincare, and haircare, that’s when you might have to consider your options.

I’ve been trying to avoid Amazon, although as it continues to grow and overtake other businesses it’s getting hard to do so. I don’t have Prime, so I still have to pay for shipping, but I’ve been learning more about the different platforms. Did you know you can shop on a different country’s store? I know that seems like a dumb question, but I always just assumed it would tailor to your current location. Not the case. And sometimes, due to a product not being as popular in one country as another, or fighting with other sellers over who can have the lowest price… You can get a good deal out of it.

For example I tried this setting spray and I wanted it again. When I went on the UK site, it cost just shy of ten pounds… But in France, fixateur maquillage costs less, even when you factor the conversion from euros to pounds. And shipping! How insane is that? So next time you’re looking at something on Amazon, shop around a little. If the brand is trustworthy to care for the environment, because cheap shit is just that.. and we’re taking care of ourselves this year, then go for it!

The sales are getting ridiculous

I try and keep up as much as I can with all the new sales and trendy products you guys might be interested in picking for yourselves. Going to be honest lately it’s become a little insane keeping up with everything going on, however I’m still trying. So don’t think for a second I’m going to let this sudden tidal wave of awesome deals overwhelm me. The next amazing batch of products and places to get them is coming soon!

How to find the best makeup & beauty deals online

As any woman might be able to tell you makeup is one of the more, to put it lightly, expensive pursuits someone can make. That’s why we’ve gotten a lot better at finding deals and bargains to help save a couple of bucks. There’s a lot of things you can do to save on buying cosmetics but being completely straightforward you may have to a compromise or two when trying to save some money on this occasion.

Go the Wholesale route

A lot retailers sell their unused stock to online sellers with heavy discounts. One of those compromises that were mentioned earlier however is that some of these products are going to have some cosmetic issues. Personally speaking a 20-50% discount on a completely functional products with a little packaging damage sounds like a sweet deal. Just look around whatever your personal choice for online sellers is because it’s likely that there’ll be multiple sellers of the same product if it’s one of those online mega stores. This applies mostly to products you’ll find in actual physical stores for the most part since obviously online sellers wouldn’t be discounting too much if their primary sales are from straight warehouse to delivery.

Install the App or Keep a tab open

If your personal favorite online store already has some form of an app then installing it is a great idea and although every instinct might tell you not to subscribe to their newsletter you might want to give it a try just this once. Subscribing to the newsletter for these online shops usually has a couple of discount codes included and although not all of them may coincide with the products you’re interested in you never know which one might come in handy. Having the app on your phone is also a lot easier to keep track of their flash sales which most of these online stores tend to have, keeping a tab has mostly the same effect if for whatever reason you can’t install the app. Flash sales are a great way to save on products that you’re interested in when they come up. This method requires a little patience but online shopping’s pretty fun and you get to see deals on products you never would have thought to check out at physical stores.

Makeup Exchange

This is mostly a barter option for someone who’s unhappy with a particular brand they’re using and are looking to swap with someone else. This is another of those compromises that you’ll have to make because again remember someone else has probably been using the product that you’re trading for. Maybe you’re looking to trade that old make up grundierung for something else. You’ll also need to learn how to negotiate a trade deal but if you’re on-board so far you shouldn’t have any problems talking it out. Personally this is the option that proves just a bit too much for me personally but I thought I’d put it in just so you know your options.


We’re working on something big!

There are many big online promotional events on the horizon to get excited about. Father’s day is this coming weekend for example 🙂

Even more exciting though is the fact that Amazon’s Prime day will be upon us in around 6 weeks. This is such an exciting time of the year for me as there are so many amazing deals available online. I’ll be keeping a close eye out on the build up to the big day. I’ll do my best to make this blog the place to be in terms of quickly finding the best deals available. Wish me luck!

Half Price Makeup Spray – Hard Not To Take That Up!

When I’m not trying to find great deals to use in order to spoil my other half, I’m usually on the hunt for deals to spoil myself believe it or not!

One such deal fell right in my lap a few weeks a go. It all started when I met a friend of mine in town for a coffee a few weeks ago. She said she’d discovered this new makeup and skincare brand that she couldn’t get enough of.

After trying one of their items and enjoying it, she swiftly tried another and another and another product. Before she knew it she had the entire range!

Makeup Spraying your face

She showed me their website and pointed out where I could purchase it online. Knowing that I was travelling to the States a few days later (we were staying with family for 10 days) I asked her whether she knew if they also sold their products in the USA too.

Luckily they have their full product range on Amazon across the globe. That was lucky! I decided to wait until I had landed before I purchased, and get an item or two delivered to my mother in laws address in Texas. I reasoned that there would be no point purchasing one in the UK as no one would be in the house once it had arrived.

Now onto the great deal….I was incredibly lucky to find that once I had landed in the states and had taken a look on Amazon, all of their items were at half price for a limited time only. What a find!

I promptly purchased their makeup setting spray and have been surprised by how good the product is. I made a note to periodically give them a check online as I get the feeling they are the sort of brand that will occasionally run discounts.

Great for people like me who love finding amazing deals!

#3 Almost Complete

We were privy to another awesome deal a few days ago and over the next few days I am going to add the finishing touches to my post. I believe this is my greatest find yet, so please take a moment over the next 48 hours or so to find out what it is.

Great Deals Online and Where to Find Them

We’re finally back! Did you miss us?

We all had a great holiday over December and early January. Now that is out the way, we’re eager to get back to the usual grind – and that includes writing more on this blog!

Today I’ll be going over different ways you can find awesome deals online – and the methods I use to scour the web to find the greatest bargains.

On second thought, I’ll just be mentioning one particular method I use, but in all fairness it is one my favourites and most effective.

It essentially involves using google to find articles about products you are interested in, written by newspaper and magazine websites.

Bargains Online

As part of these papers and e-zines drive to create fresh and engaging content, they often write articles about hot and trending products…and they also more often than no create links to said products that currently have discounts or offers available.

Because I know this, and I also know that if you look hard enough you usually always find at least one great deal in any one sitting, I quite often use this as my go-to method to finding deals.

All I do is the following: I go to google, and I type in different newspapers and magazines from around the world, along with the names of products that I am interested in buying at a discount.

So for example, I may type in, ‘the Washington post’ and ‘fidget spinner’ together to see what comes up. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get results all the time – The key is to stick at it and keep going.

You’ll be surprised by how often you stumble upon a great deal. Just before Christmas I was looking for some beard oil I could purchase to give to my brother and I found an awesome within this Independent article. What a find!

Keep looking and keep going – eventually you will find something great. Once you do please let me know so I can share!