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Free Website Tuneup

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These are free webmaster services and online tools to validate HTML, verify links, optimize image sizes (for faster loading), and other webmaster tools to tune-up your website.

The W3C HTML validator below reports error types when parsing the webpage with an SGML parser.  It also runs WebLint HTML syntax and minimal style checker, and creates a parse tree or the web page.

W3C HTML Validation   Enter URL (including the http://) :
 Document type:
Show source input Show an outline of this document
Show parse tree exclude attributes from the parse tree



AnyBrowser - "SiteViewer" allows you to see HTML pages as other browsers would, or in different screen sizes.  There is also a screen size test, link checker for 1 static page at a time, HTML validation, search-engine view, and metatag creator.

Bobby - Analyzes your web page for browser compatibility, download time, and accessibility to people with disabilities.  The program is also available to download.

Cyan - Online interface to the HTML validator and beautifier, W3's HTML TIDY.  Validate webpage for HTML 4 compliance while formatting tags according to your preferences.  It can optionally convert to CSS and XML.  You can download a copy of the specified web page with common errors fixed, and other errors pointed out.  There is also a HTML validator you can download.

Delorie - Web page purifier and backward compatibility viewer, Lynx viewer, search engine simulator, and HTTP header viewer.  CGI Perl source available for download.

Dr. Watson - HTML validator which checks spelling, syntax, links, metatags, search engine compatibility, link popularity, estimated download speeds, word-count stats, and more.

HtmlHelp - WDG HTML validator.

Imagiware - Doctor HTML validates html, verifies hyperlinks, checks spelling and metatags, browser compatiblity and more.  Also has a HTML page squisher.

LinkScan - Verifies links and displays webling HTML syntax errors.

NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site - Check HTML, hyperlinks, load time, spelling, and more.  Optimize JPEG and GIF images.

SevenTwentyFour - One-month trial of LinkWalker, which scans your website for broken links.  It sends a weekly status report, and emails of new errors within 24 hours.  It also gives a full list of links to your website.

Site-Evaluation.Com - You can let other webmasters evaluate your website. Fill in your website-address and email-address. Fill in two short questionaires about other websites. You receive an email with the results of the questionaire about your site within a few hours or days. It is as simple as it sounds. You do not have to register or pay. It is totally free and useful to improve your website - Here's a totally free page load speed checker and analysis. "It is an online website speed test tool that calculates page size, composition, and download time. It also recommends changes that can improve web page load time. Webmasters will find this to be an excellent resource, since slow load times is a major cause of website bailouts."

WordTracker - "Discover the right keywords, and you'll see your traffic skyrocket!" Offers free weekly 'Top 500 keywords', 'Top 300 Surge', and 'last 60 days Top 200' reports.

Free NetMechanic - Free Web Site Tune-Ups!

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