Dry winter skin!

I realised something recently. Your skin changes with the seasons. I know this seems obvious, and maybe you even already accounted for this in your own body care, but I didn’t. Four years living out of home and I only just realised cold weather makes my skin dry. It does answer a few outstanding questions I’ve avoided in the past.

If you’ve been with me on this blog for the long-run, I’m guessing you have also gone through a similar moving out experience and have found my discoveries and ramblings helpful in your day-to-day life. If not, I’m choosing not to care. The idea that my dumb discovery could help people, and those people get to ride the wave of pretending they already knew, then I’m feeling good about saying this online. Don’t leave any hate comments! I like my bubble as it is!

Right, back to it. I made this discovery last winter. My skin, face and body, was getting scaly, itchy, flaky. You name it. I felt gross, and hot, soothing showers just made matters worse. People started to ask if I was feeling okay! Apparently, I looked crepey, which was not a word I had ever heard used in that context. My usual fixes weren’t working for dry skin. I applied moisturiser before I went to bed, rugged up to avoid wind to skin contact, and drank more water. I guess it made some impact, but not enough for people to stop checking if I was doing alright.

I went out to dinner with a friend of mine, and she said two, golden words to me. Hyaluronic Acid. In that moment it was like she had a golden halo and time stood still, each syllable dancing through the air like part of its own melody, the band at the restaurant playing in step. Then it all came back into focus, and she was gushing about it, and at that point I didn’t even know what it was! She was using words like humectant and microbiome, which I’m impressed she thought I’d know seeing as I couldn’t even moisturise my own body. I half-thought she’d pull a bottle or jar of the stuff out of her bag and hand it to me, like we were in a commercial, or a movie. Instead, she rambled on and on until I found a good Segway out of skincare, and we went to a pharmacy after dessert to buy a serum.

Boy was she right! That stuff worked wonders, and my skin was back to its usual vibrancy just days later. No more crepe skin for me! Just glowing, plump, and soft skin. I think I might start using it regularly, just to keep it from happening again!